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This is a timeless flash, you recognize all the characters, Mr. T even makes an A-Team reference. Good ole' newgrounds. Thank you to whoever through this on the front page, I would like to see to be remnded of some of the great classics. I'm going to go club seals now.

Dynamite package of madness

Wonderful short that compacts the essence of what krinkles started.

The animation seemed slightly off from the normal madness style flashes and it came out great. Taking something odd and making it even more eerie.

The disturbing circus music blends in well with the feeling the story being expressed and of course alludes Tricky.

The violence is gruesome and the humor is sporadic and childlike, giving this flash the good old Newgrounds feeling.

Great Job!

Will tricky's tricky tactics dupe Hank?

The animation and background art were great in this, it seemed to me Hank and Trick seemed quite flat compared to the movements and angles this was made in. I think a little bit of shading on the main characters would of came a long way. When tricky transformed he had great texture to him.

It was a short simple battle that seemed kind of one dimensional then ends abruptly with a simple mutation from Hank.

The music was repetitive but went along with the battle.

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I've been on Newgrounds for 12 years now, which is half my life. I am not the heavy user I used to be, pre-youtube this was the forefront of internet humor and memes. I argued with my fellow 6th graders over Ebaumsworld and Funnyjunk claiming that Newgrounds was the best, mainly because the OC came from here. It's crazy to think what all started here, Pico, Madness, Knox, Numa Numa (which was then featured in a fucking Rhianna/TI song), Charlie the Unicorn. Cyanide and Happiness (animations).

4.5 stars because that quiz didn't allow me to strip Tom after every right answer.

For old times sake:
Audio 10
Animation 10
Humor 10

Same game, new theme.

On newgrounds, there are quite a number of these cannon games such as Toss the Turtle.

This one has polished graphics and animation but I doesn't really stand out.

The thrash music and moans really take away from the fun of the game.

Simple, addictive and kid friendly.

A great game comparable to classics such as kitty kannon and turbo turtle, which might explain the alliteration, is just as enjoyable.

Essentially the objective is to bust through obstructions and leave candy land, you earn money every time by squashing gummy bears, use the money to buy various upgrades and try again.

It's fairly short and the idea after breaking out and fully upgraded is to have a faster break out time.

The graphics are polished and kid friendly, I could let my younger siblings play this with out getting harped at, the violence remains at a low with scrapes on the bison and squishing the gummy bears.

Downsides are low, most of the power ups don't carry though when breaking through doors, there are only 3 stages and it loses its charm after... 45 minutes...
Though I don't have an Iphone I could see this game killing the app market;
due to the simplicity of only having to click one button.
Character customization would be fun as well.

Great Job!

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A little busy but still pleasant to listen too. It definitely has an older AP vibe to it. The bells and horns give it a mellow vibe and the percussion comes in with a little amount of attitude. Definitely ambient but it could be rapped over if some one chose too.

Great Job!

I would give you a 10 if you...

I would give you a 10 if you replaced the Synth with a meow track.
I'm joking by the way.

This track is great, I'm not sure if something is missing or I just want more out of it.
So after the collaboration the track will probably be 10/10 worthy!

Pure poetry

Def one of the best on here Big Red, a lot of your tracks on here are short and always have me wanting more.
Keep this shit up!

BigRed responds:

Thank you for listening!

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