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This is a timeless flash, you recognize all the characters, Mr. T even makes an A-Team reference. Good ole' newgrounds. Thank you to whoever through this on the front page, I would like to see to be remnded of some of the great classics. I'm going to go club seals now.

Will tricky's tricky tactics dupe Hank?

The animation and background art were great in this, it seemed to me Hank and Trick seemed quite flat compared to the movements and angles this was made in. I think a little bit of shading on the main characters would of came a long way. When tricky transformed he had great texture to him.

It was a short simple battle that seemed kind of one dimensional then ends abruptly with a simple mutation from Hank.

The music was repetitive but went along with the battle.

short =...bad?

It caught me off guard ehrn i got to the end, i got a good laugh out of it, the animation and rapping were intentionally poor and I dont think people have learned to realize that. Anyways, great work as always thanks for the humor.

Wonderful end to the series

I love how the series has been non-chronological to jerry's life.
For first time viewers this episode might seem cliche but, if you've watched the whole series you might find it making fun of cliche moments in stories.
I loved the mom and how she wasn't taken I laughed my ass off with the toy speech. Through out watching this i seem to dislike jerry more for how sensitive he is and like his dad more for having to deal with him. The ending to this episode as it self is happy, but part of the series is a if he only knew twisted ending.

Great humor and drama. Not many flashes realy have the depth and feeling you put into flashes.

The music, sound effects a voice worked hand in hand with the animation and was great.

I would love to see this series come to dvd, i would buy it.
The commentary to an ending to any great series seems like a must to me. Thank you for your insight in on this wonderful cartoon.

Definitely an underdog

Are people so fragile to immediately zero bomb a dirty mario parody?

The animation in this was great and the music went along with this wonderfully.

It had a sick factor to it which made it hilarious.

Good job!

cute music video

Love the music choice for this, it had a very Newgrounds feel to it as it remains cute yet creepy at the same time. I love how the video went along with the song and the animation flowed smoothly.
The song has a lot of similarities to omgimonfire, which was crazty as well.
Props for the koolfox shout out im about to go listen to the remix.
Also its nice to hear theres going to be a tarboy sequel.
Keep up this great shit. :)

This is the second review in a row

That I've just been like what the hell is going on. I mean it was amazinging but you artists have got to be smoking a mix of heavy drugs.

This had me laughing the entire time, it was complete mindfuck but it was hilarious.

The music was great and i love the parody intro

I havent seen this series and this episode make me want to.

Fantastic job.

I have no clue what i just watched

but it was amazing.

I really am about speechless. I guess to start the music, it was a nice choice. The animation and glitching were crazy. I also loved the concept of it.

Keep up the good work.

Not bad for a sprite movie

The music, sounds and animation were not bad.

I have a few issues though, the dialogue and story plot are bad cliched and unoriginal. Lost saiyan comes to earth and starts causing chaos. The whole date thing between trunks and goten becomes useless after he gets attacked. Theres just some things that don't make since to me in it either.

Keep up the work but please work on the dialogue a little bit.

Hit and miss.

Shining plus spongebob great idea.
THe humor is there but it drops off from there sadly. I loved spongebobs killer face when he broke through sandy's.
The animation and drawings could be improved and the story could be lengthened.

Presonally I believe if you are able to, go in on your spare time and improve the flash and this would become something great.

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