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A little busy but still pleasant to listen too. It definitely has an older AP vibe to it. The bells and horns give it a mellow vibe and the percussion comes in with a little amount of attitude. Definitely ambient but it could be rapped over if some one chose too.

Great Job!

I would give you a 10 if you...

I would give you a 10 if you replaced the Synth with a meow track.
I'm joking by the way.

This track is great, I'm not sure if something is missing or I just want more out of it.
So after the collaboration the track will probably be 10/10 worthy!

Pure poetry

Def one of the best on here Big Red, a lot of your tracks on here are short and always have me wanting more.
Keep this shit up!

BigRed responds:

Thank you for listening!

Is that a harpsichord!?

Sick beat man sounds like some RZA shit lol.

sick flow.

this is a great accapella, i would love to here other works of yours behind music.

Fantastic Mix Robert!

This is my favorite Gaga song, I don't care what haters say, Todays music scene needs some originality and shes providing it.

It's awesome to hear a mix like this on NG. I do realize this is the original tempo, I believe what the other users are saying is the speed should should be edited in spots. It mataches up good but I would be incredible it the tempo was chopped and screwed a little bit.

Keep up the great work!

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks =)

This is what i'm talking about.

I havent heard a good remake of Overworld in a while.
I'm making this my new ringtone for sure.

Stage3-1 responds:


The contrast is great

Your deep voice goes so well with this. Your flow sounds so natural it just makes this so sick great job.

thirdvii responds:

Why thank you!

i had to look up a remix of this

the funny part is i have freestyled over this me and my friends made a bet that i could find a hard classical song and this is one i listen to occaisonally. Thanks for the remix! Probably gonna make this my ringtone.

haywirehaywire responds:

haha no way
how would you make this your ringtone

Great song with an upbeat tempo

warned though if you listen to this song while Blunt Shmokin with your friends it could cause a Blunt Shmokin contest which could only lead to. sorry short term memory loss. smoking out cabins burnt grilled cheese sandwiches and super high.

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