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I've been on Newgrounds for 12 years now, which is half my life. I am not the heavy user I used to be, pre-youtube this was the forefront of internet humor and memes. I argued with my fellow 6th graders over Ebaumsworld and Funnyjunk claiming that Newgrounds was the best, mainly because the OC came from here. It's crazy to think what all started here, Pico, Madness, Knox, Numa Numa (which was then featured in a fucking Rhianna/TI song), Charlie the Unicorn. Cyanide and Happiness (animations).

4.5 stars because that quiz didn't allow me to strip Tom after every right answer.

For old times sake:
Audio 10
Animation 10
Humor 10

Same game, new theme.

On newgrounds, there are quite a number of these cannon games such as Toss the Turtle.

This one has polished graphics and animation but I doesn't really stand out.

The thrash music and moans really take away from the fun of the game.

Simple, addictive and kid friendly.

A great game comparable to classics such as kitty kannon and turbo turtle, which might explain the alliteration, is just as enjoyable.

Essentially the objective is to bust through obstructions and leave candy land, you earn money every time by squashing gummy bears, use the money to buy various upgrades and try again.

It's fairly short and the idea after breaking out and fully upgraded is to have a faster break out time.

The graphics are polished and kid friendly, I could let my younger siblings play this with out getting harped at, the violence remains at a low with scrapes on the bison and squishing the gummy bears.

Downsides are low, most of the power ups don't carry though when breaking through doors, there are only 3 stages and it loses its charm after... 45 minutes...
Though I don't have an Iphone I could see this game killing the app market;
due to the simplicity of only having to click one button.
Character customization would be fun as well.

Great Job!

I cried..

I don't want to spoil anything but the climax of the story, I was shocked. The characters had true depth, this was an RPG like I have never played before! The moves and action sequences were near flawless. The voice acting and music, it's as if I was there. Bravo. Bravo.

As entertaining as it is frustrating.

Each level level has a completion in a 3 star order, to complete a level you must kill all the zombies and keep you can your ladies friends alive. To recieve all 3 stars you must also conserve ammo, shoot a brain and kill zombies in creative ways.
Each level is unique with different difficulty, pacing and ways to kill the zombies.
I beat the game using a mouse pad and 3 starred every level.

Some of the levels such as 35, 42 and 45 will probably induce nerd rage trying to earn those 3 stars.
The aiming has to be precise to get most of the shots you need to get the kills needed, expect to play some levels over and over again to get each shot just right.

The music was subtle and doesn't really get annoying and hearing the girls get grinder up is funny the first 20 times.
The animation is simplistic but that can be seen as a good thing for performance. The background is nice for setting sights back up to get the right shots.
The pop up issue people are talking about occurred once for me when I hit redo on a level. Afterwards I didn't have an issue.

Overall this game is a big time killer and if you like tedious challenges this is probably a game for you. I would suggest playing with a mouse and remain calm so you don't toss your computer out the window.

Classic Arcade hit with some newgrounds mixed in.

Though I didn't here of the movie till looking at other reviews, I still find this great.

Love the concept though and it's nice to see since this is a parody that no major gameplay has been changed.Difficulty is also similar to the original Centipede where it starts off easily and quickly become a pain in the asstomouth.

The pixelated look adds to the feel of a retro game.

My only issue with this is the annoying cop (flying bug in the orginal?), but I have that issue with the original as well.

Great Job Guys and can't wait to see more from you soon!

I love of the majority of low rating reviewers seem to know nothing about the original Centipede game and/or seem to not know about the vast amount of crude (humor wise) content on this site. Any NG veteran would understand why a game involving ass to mouth would be on the front page. (Or they Centipede Noobs and gotta give the game a rating of their skill)

WIth that being said, I would like to suggest that these go play some of the original and go EXP up on some NG history.

cookie cutter game

I guess my main problem with the game is, its just an exploit over an event that's coming old fairly quickly. It reminds me of those banner adds i hate. The dialogue wasn't the same, which has kind of been the running gag between this all. Taylor swift's character in this kind of scares me she looks more like joan hart in my opinion. There isn't any challenge to this game since the only thing you have to do is knock kanye out of the area.

No music, violence, replay value or creativity. The situation has been parodied a lot and will be continued and this is probably one of the worst of seen of it.

Sadly i don't know what i'm suppose to like from this.

Running Platformer reaches new heights

(ha i used a pun to describe the game)

For making a game in 5 days theres a lot of depth to be found in it. From the character's breathing to the random level generator. Theres and option to see my framerate and when i accidently click out side of the box it pauses? very nice.

Loved the style it reminds me of roof chase scenes from older cop movies (which was probably the idea) and the fact that the character is wearing a suit gives it that feel too. I believe the color scheme matched the game perfectly, if it was filled with call colors it would be distracting to the feel of the game and the playing.

The music was upbeat, fastpaced and had a sound you can only find on newgrounds. Though it looped it hasn't gotten old.

A lot of funny moments in this come from the wtf moments where frustration turns into a laugh. The violence is only found within the death descriptions which was funny as well.

I guess my only problem with this would be some of the moments where it was about impossible to live (ie: jumping from a crumbling building to a narrow building with a falling part to jumping to smacking a building because i was suppose to go through a window.)

Great game though.

slightly improved since your last versoion

Like everybody else has said this is just like every other space shooter out there, except no health, power-ups or lives.

The ads posted after some levels is annoying. (Not judging you for this don't know if its really your fault)

The graphics look all right but the don't really seem to fit together really it reminds me of just random generic sprites found. The shots and explosion animation was a little choppy.

The music wasn't bad but got old after a couple levels. The swarm noise was annoy but no where near as annoying as the first game.

With the swarms coming down at random and not being able to manuver around them made it slightly difficult but there wasnt any challenge the only time I died was when i would fidget the mouse the wrong way.

Nothing really that set this game out from other shooter for replay value.

Anyways slight improvement over the last game keep up the progress.

Nice simple defense game

fun game plenty of enemys i love the spawn rate of the powerups.

something glitched up when i hit around got into space i'd say reset my score because thers no way i could of earned that much.

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