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loved the game...

i was P-bot

and amazingly you can give 10s all around for this game

quality work!

Wow armor games does it again nice work people.. second zombie game ive reviewed this week and guess what.. IM NOT COMPLAINING!!!

i loved the choice from weapons and the moms and diary.. great game

Games on pause just for the review lol

Graphics- a bit dull but really if they where better it would lag extremely bad,
Style- ive played other zombie games like this but this is amazing great job weasel,
Sound- are you kidding me? the bullets get me pumped, the moans and groans of zombies and screams of the people make me laugh
Violence- Blood, Guts, Gore and burn marks everywhere
Humor- im sorry but when the chubby purple zombies are taken there time its fun to run around them with a magnum

Pros- it excels in all 6 categories, loads of upgrades, and a variety of enemies and weapons

Cons- Its a little easy i havent taken any damage but my base took a little i havent died yet and ive been playin for a while, after an hour..(lol i know) it does get repetitive, after you getthe powerful guns the games a breeze

?'s- What would i like to see?-

Multiplayer would be amazing,
different outfits for enemys and hero,
slow mo would be fun,

has potential

i wouldnt mind seeing power up and stuff like that would make me bounce or block off the killer ball

you know.....

that actually wasnt that bad i actually thought it was funny

MessYouUpMac responds:

I thought so too.

darn you level 12!

an ok game the graphics were decent style is ok ive seen this type of game before so.. the sound was too repetitive! it was pretty funny seeing aleins explode overall its a mediocre game

different and i loved it!

Graphics: 10 why because there orignal the whole box man thing if amazing simplistic but has creativity to it

Style: the view its perfect for this game now ive seen it other places but not really part of a shoot em up

sound: every weapon has a different sound and the sounds not to loud i was able to listen to my music in the background

Violence: Lots of violence but not a lot of gore so its id let my little brother play it

Interactivity: Lots of it weapons all have a unique purpose, personally my favorite was the barrel

Humor: trapping zombies the blowing 20 of them at once is funny

Flaws: The uzi starts out unlimited i dont know if that was a bug or what, i didnt like the fact that one hit your dead but it adds a factor to the game i like, besides that the game is gold maybe even platinum

nice yeah def. an underdog

this game hasnt gotten the recognition it deserves

pros: nice conecpt, orignal, starts out easy but gets challenging

cons: slow movment of flash, no dificulty level, no music choice

INeedABetterAlias responds:

Check out the new ones.

Love it

i love bomber man the only problem is its the gayest looking game ive ever seen the music is uber-kiddy. Still great concept and great gameplay.

Another great game

alot more challenging than the samus one if there are others ill play them

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