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Dad's Series Stays strong (USE POPUP FOR MEDALS)

The game definitely stands up to its predecessors in the series Dad's Home and Dad goes to work. The controls and move are easy to learn and maneuver and make this game enjoyable to play. The power-up and combo system go hand in hand as it can be charge and cause total destruction. The health system regeneration is nice for beginners but disappears for hard.

Dadgame is very indepth and stick with its roots, most games when selecting weapons just appear in the hand, here you retrieve it from the mouth (as feature from previous work). I love how when a new weapon is selected the outfit changes to go along with it.

The story takes off from his work as he goes across town destroying property while saving the city. The game features cut-scenes which go along with the story keeping the fun at a high. The humor is at a good level of randomness and violence that allows about anyone to play.

The art is simple and has a kid like cartoon look to it for the characters and scenary and the music isnt repetitive and goes along with the game.

The replay value is high due to the fact that you can unlock accessories and challenge levels.

Loved the demo-screen during on the main menu it gave a professional arcade feel to the game.

My only gripe is i would of loved to choose the dad's home song to listen too while playing.

Fantastic job making a game Sakupen hope to see more crazyness soon!

happy i didnt review until now.

Sure its not the first toss game we get it people, but it's the best of its kind.
The game goes through different areas of art and uses references many NG users have gotten to know a long with some pop references most people know. The title screen starts off with a retro feel to it which is what i find with in the game play.

The controls and mechanics are easy to learn. But if you want to conquer the game and earn everything it actually takes skill. One nice feature about this game is The in-air control which allow you to hit or miss certain object in the game.

Another feature it the different weapons launchers and boosts you get to choose from in the shop. Money is easily earn and the reward system has been set up creatively. Though more music options would be nice it's not necessary the track takes a good hour or 2 to get old. Though you probably have music on your comp you'll listen to anyways, though i would suggest the wonderful audio found on this site.

I'm a sucker for the art and animation that when you see it you go yeah thats newgrounds. It's cute and bubbly but at the same time it can get gruesome and violent. The comic-esque tutorial and abnormal characters make this game humorous.

the game is a lot more challenging since the previous version, things ive noticed more enemy interaction, even in space. You could also go farther easier in the previous version. medals are nice though it motivates me to play this already addicting game even more.

Though I can't find anything negative to say about this game. I guess my wish list would include skins to buy and choose from, maybe level themes (like an all mario round with piranha plants and lakitu replacing obstacles and enemie), more music, a versus round and speedometer.

Ultimately the game is great as it is. 5/5 10/10. Soon to be another NG Classic Hopefully Gonzossm and FOverkul can continue making great work and have success like danpalidin and others.

Keep up the great work. I CAN NOT WAIT 2 C MOAR FRUM U GUYZ!

Phenomenal game

The music was wonderful it brought a childish mystery to the game which it seems to be all about.
The characteristics of the blocks (faces, laughs and farts) brought this game to a whole new level.
Watching myself fail didn't piss me off as it normally would in a game similar to this but made me laugh as the blocks had no clue what was going on.
Easy but straight to the chase.

Very minor problems
1 the difficulty wasn't that hard
2 The hole bonus wasn't worth putting in there it was a little road block.

Challenging, fun, addictive and a great game for all age.

effortless game

the mazes weren't even a challenge to navigate through or find the exit.
The music bad and The game lacked good graphics. You can tell this was poorly put together.

vancleff responds:

it took me one hour, what do you expect? Anyway that is true

amazing quiz

no... i havent beat it yet.... i keep forgeting about those skips
i realized most of the questions seem random but really they do use a little logic
and you sort of have to be a clever smart ass to get these im going to try IQ2


funni loved it

MarlboroLock responds:

thanks :]

awesome puzzle!!!

fun, rarely seen, and takes some logic.

WARNING: i figured out ifyou forget to put a certain object in a certain place then cut a certain item youll screw up the game.

1st try tricky 2nd time piece of cake

+ fun shooter with unique enemies
+controls make it easy to move around and not get hit
+abundant supply of power ups that are easy to access
+Brings back retro memories of asteroid

-after you get the hang of it your pretty much invincible
-i accidentally hit the settings while playing and the menu wouldnt go away
-music loop is repetitive

yay another.. arena... game

+ Original Characters
+not as much lag to it as other shooter games
+map sharing

- Unoriginal concept, feels like im playing thing thing
-Sensitive wheel controls ever time i roll up it goes over every other wep
-the map sharing can cause massive lag and script error


for the time this was classic so im going to give you what i would of given you.

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